Hey! You’re here!

Don’t mind the mess, this site is a work in progress. Absolutely use my mess as proof that you can do business successfully without dotting every i and crossing every t.

Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?

You are here (on my site) because you don’t want to be here (where you are in your life).

And, as much time and effort as you’ve given to believing that it’s all because of things outside your control, some part of you knows that, well, it’s all you.

Specifically, your head trolls are in the way. You’ve got the big trolls that run the show – Fear, Doubt, and Worry. As if that weren’t enough to deal with, you have the minion trolls they send in (Comparison, Distraction, the Too Much & Not Enough twins) to keep you too busy to be The Boss.

More specifically, you’re here because, despite knowing that “feel the fear and do it anyway because everything you want is outside your comfort zone,” is technically true, you have no freaking clue HOW to get past the fear. You are stuck and you really, really, really want to NOT be stuck.

Good news: *I* am here to explain all of that like you’re five years old while still treating you like the fully grown badass in charge of your life that you are. Because there is zero shame (zero!!) in not having figured something out yet, and there are mega points awarded for taking the steps to figure it out.

See? You’re already winning! So you can tell that troll in your head to shut up about you being an idiot for needing help with this.

Before we embark on this troll-ass-kicking journey together, here’s what you need to know:

  • I’m autistic. I have the social skills of a feral cat and that mostly comes across as abrupt. I promise it’s not because I’m impatient with you. It’s because I don’t know how to start (or end) conversations and I hugely suck at mid-convo segues.
  • I explain things like you’re five because that’s how I wish neurotypical society’s expectations were explained to me and I always felt dumb as a rock when I asked for clarification on what was supposed to be obvious.
  • Yes, there are ways to work with me even though my site is currently a mess! You can find me here, on facebook and I invite you to message me – I want to know how you see what’s in your way! Sincere request, by the way, in case your trolls are whispering that I don’t actually mean you.